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Effortless Outfits for 2021

By Sara Antonuccio
We can all agree that 2020 was not a fashion-forward year. Most of us spent the year in sweatpants, longing for the day when we had a reason to put on a dress and heels. And let’s face it, Zoom meetings don’t offer much motivation for doing more than the bare minimum to look presentable. 2021 offers a chance to start over and dip our toes back into the world of fashion. To get started, here are some easy, effortless outfits to help you feel like your old self:
Loungewear Sets
There’s a much different feeling when you’re wearing a matching loungewear set than when you’re wearing sweatpants and an old tshirt. One makes you feel like a sophisticated heiress spending a relaxing day in your upscale townhouse, while the other...doesn’t. Neutral colors like white and beige are timelessly elegant, and if you have to make an appearance at any meetings, you’ll only need to throw on a blazer and some earrings to look put together.
Trouser Pants + Blazer
The key to effortlessness is to match comfort with simplistic style, and trouser pants do a splendid job of both. A pair of black, grey, or white trouser pants with a matching or complementary blazer on top will work in offices, around the house, and even during nights out. You can wear almost any top underneath the blazer, such as a fun t-shirt, dressy camisole, or clingy bodysuit. 
Knitwear + Skinny Jeans
One of the great benefits of knitwear, aside from being warm, cozy, and ultra cute, is that it goes with everything. No, really, everything. Shorts, skirts, and of course skinny jeans all have their own unique look when paired with a knit sweater. If you want to look more put together, a fitted sweater is the way to go. For a more casual appearance, try sizing up. Add a pair of knee-high boots, and you have a full outfit.
Everyday Little Black Dress
Who says the classic LBD is only for special occasions? A little black sweater dress with tights and tall boots is cute but casual, and a black slip dress with an oversized cardigan over the top can look either dressy or laid back, depending on how you accessorize. When it comes to a little black dress, it’s not so much about what you’re wearing as how you wear it. 
Casual Button-up Over Joggers
Joggers are fitted sweatpants that are a little more stylish than their lazy-day counterparts. They’re the kind of bottoms you won’t have any trouble relaxing in, but you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen out of the house with them, either. To take a pair of joggers to the next level, choose a button-up top that’s a bit loose and relaxed to wear over the top, with a bit of the hem tucked in. Comfort can be classy!
Effortless is our aim, and that usually means pairing simple pieces that, together, make a statement. Add some popping accessories on top of it all, and you’ll look like you spent hours putting together an outfit that only took a heartbeat.