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Brighten Up Your Space

By Leigh Williams
Adding color to your home can seem like a daunting task. How do you know what colors should go together? Are you going to make your room seem too small? Too large? Will you hate the colors you’ve chosen once they’re in your space?
If you’re feeling nervous to add color, you’re not alone! But color can be used as a way to brighten rooms, add a touch of personalization, and improve your mood. 
Try out a few of these ways to get more color in your home and you won’t be disappointed!
·      Add a bright piece of accent furniture.
·      Paint a door frame or window sill.
·      Choose colorful bedding.
·      Paint your ceiling.
·      Repaint a furniture piece.
·      Add a gallery wall.
·      Install a bright backsplash.
·      Use your bookshelf as an accent piece. Keep the spines facing out on your books and let the colors show!
·      Add a house plant.
·      Showcase bright dining ware. 
·      Choose a bright rug.
·      Use bright colored picture frames.
·      Choose bright pillow covers.
·      Paint an accent wall.
·      Add colorful stacks of books to your coffee table.
·      DIY your own wall décor from bright colored objects.
·      Purchase a fun lamp or light fixture.
·      Paint your stair risers.
·      Choose fun bathmats and bath towels.
·      Add some flowers – faux or real!
Which will you be trying first? We promise adding a pop of color to your home will do wonders for your mood!